Inter-well tracer tracking is a proven and efficient technology to map well-to-well communication & heterogeneity. With our 40 unique water tracers and 15 unique gas tracers, Restrack provides the industry’s largest portfolio of field-proven well-to-well gas and water tracers to customers. Restrack’s gas and water tracers have been field tested in Norwegian oil fields and applied in tracer projects world-wide.

Restrack delivers complete water and gas surveillance services. Restrack personnel have 20 years experience in planning and designing water & gas tracer surveys in oil reservoirs, as well as in tracer operations in the field. Our extensive field operations expertise includes on-shore and off-shore oil fields, from the Arctic to Middle-East deserts & tropical conditions. To guarantee a best possible result, Restrack uses proprietary sample preparation & laboratory methodology in combination with ultra-sensitive laboratory equipment. Restrack’s laboratory facilities with state-of-the-art instrumentation can handle all kinds of water and gas samples.