Optimize well draw down
Tracer signals over extended periods of time from RESMAN installed systems can also be combined with multi rate testing. The simplest application of tracers and multi-rate tests is identification of pressure / choke settings that prevents contribution from specific zones. Combined with pressure readings in the well this gives information on zonal pressure, useful for actions to increase PI, optimize production by identification of optimal draw down/balance in the well.

Optimize wellbore placement
Through systematic use of RESMAN tracers along the well bore of multiple wells and adequate interpretation efforts, the data from RESMAN installed systems in different wells can be integrated and provide field-wide experience data. Such data provide science-based advise for future field developments and infill wells, both for brownfield and continued greenfield application. One spesific example is to use RESMAN data from multiple wells to determine the optimal length of horizontal wells and well trajectories adapted to specific reservoirs.