With wide range of our products and services, we are committed to help our customers gain INSIGHTS about their reservoirs, ultimately improving the EFFECTIVENESS of their reservoir management decisions.

Our approach provides a PROFITABLE and RISK-FREE solution to gain long-term insight into what is flowing where, how much, in what well and in which zone of the well, which is highly valuable input for oil companies in their quest to increase oil recovery.

Customer Feedback

The best way to explain the benefits is to let our customers share their experience.

  • "It is like having a continuous production log without having to run a tool into the well"

    Subsurface Team Leader, Hess Norway

  • "RESMAN provides a cost effective way of understanding flow contribution"

    Completion Engineer, Woodside

  • "Now that we have RESMAN in our wells, we don't need to run PLTs"

    Reservoir Engineer, Gulf of Mexico Operator

  • Success story - North Sea Operator in UK

    Success story - North Sea Operator in UK

Our technology experts - Ed Leung and Dr. Olaf Kristoffer Huseby shares some meories and impressions from the most exciting success stories of RESMAN.