• Ragnhild Skjetne Hollup

    Board Member

    <span>Ragnhild Skjetne Hollup</span>

    “RESMAN continues to bring new solutions into the market and at the same time have focus on continuous improvement of current technology solutions for increased client value. The team consists of highly skilled technical personnel, with a broad technical background that is key for continued innovation. Having a diverse portfolio of both products and disciplines makes RESMAN more sustainable moving forward.”

  • Terje Sigurd Svendsen


    <span>Terje Sigurd Svendsen</span>

    “RESMAN continue its strong investment in R&D with focus on driving innovation into the future meeting global change in technology and responsibility. This generates activity and value for our customers with the most robust and efficient solutions, enabling them to fully utilize their reservoirs.”

RESMAN is the technology forerunner in tracer technology for monitoring of wells and reservoirs. RESMAN has an active IP strategy, where ownership to methods and key technology in our domain has been secured since the start-up of the company in 2005. SINTEF is key partner in chemistry, materials and analysis. SINTEF is among Europe’s 4 largest R&D institutes with more than 2000 employees. Materials and Chemistry is one of 8 divisions within SINTEF. The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is a selected partner in flow experiments and software development. IFE is a research institute with approximately 600 employees and is known in the fields of tracer technology and multiphase flow assurance, and also as developers of OLGA. RESMAN stay aligned with key strategic partners, to increase the diversity and skillset of the team, bringing the technology into the future.

TOOLS TO EXTRACT VALUE FROM DATA RESMAN has proven capabilities in delivering valued data interpretations for more many customers globally. The RESMAN proprietary methods for inflow quantification have been verified in a full-scale flow-loop test at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) facilities near Oslo, Norway. Through the Faster And Better Interpretation Project (FBI), analytical models and software have been developed in-house to interpret transient Intelligent Tracer concentration behavior to provide quantitative inflow contribution. The project was a 4-year JIP with industry partners Equinor and Eni, and support from Innovation Norway. Interpretation methods for quantification of flow have been formally qualified and approved in the Equinor professional ladder, a milestone in industry acceptance for this unique offering. The signals and models are robust, providing the operators with insight in quantified flow from zones in the wells as well as for long tie-backs in multilateral subsea wells. RESMAN is currently developing and commercializing gas tracer systems to enable identification of gas breakthrough and quantification of gas flow in dry gas wells.