RESMAN has a strong commitment to the health and safety of our employees, customers and contractors.

Health and safety

Our QHSE policy details the principles that are important to RESMAN, including our values and high ethical standards.

Ethics in RESMAN describes our ethical standards and requirements and applies to employees, board members, consultants and others who act on RESMAN’s behalf. This is detailed in our code of conduct. The company recognizes that HSE best practice is also a business best practice and we are working hard towards a goal of zero harm to people and the environment.

  • Our HSE Management System has been certified to ISO 45001:2018
QHSE commitment

Quality assurance

Customer satisfaction and the quality of our products and deliveries are priorities to RESMAN.

For this reason we have developed an integrated QHSE Management system to maintain a good process for the continuous improvement of our daily business. This has also been certified to ISO 9001:2015.


RESMAN has a strong commitment to the protection of the environment and we continually strive to improve the potential impact we might have. Our tracer products are present in the produced water in extremely low concentrations, comparable to a few grains of sugar in a million litres of water.

Furthermore, RESMAN continually works to develop even more environmentally friendly tracers. The company has a policy of NOT deploying radioactive tracers.

Sooner or later almost all hydrocarbon producing wells will also start to produce water. In the Norwegian part of the North Sea, there is actually a higher production of water than hydrocarbons since 2006. The produced water is treated and reinjected, or discharged to sea, constituting one of the most important sources of pollution to sea from the oil industry.

By use of RESMAN’s monitoring technology, operators have information that can allow them to optimize the production of hydrocarbons and reduce significantly the production of water. In this way, the environmental impact of the oil industry can be reduced. RESMAN is certified to ISO 14001:2015.

QHSSE policy

RESMAN has recognized that the best way to manage its business activities is through an integrated quality, health, safety, security and environment management system in order to achieve continuous improvements in all areas.

RESMAN is committed to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and other relevant requirements.

RESMAN will promote a positive HSE culture ensuring active participation of all employees and subcontractors to promote a healthy work environment. We will strive to manage all HSE risks with the goal of preventing accidents, injuries, occupational illnesses whilst considering the environment.

RESMAN is striving to ensure customer satisfaction by providing value added quality services that meet our customer's expectations.

Our objectives are:

  • Quality, HSE, Security, IP and Ethics

    Work to promote a strong culture within Quality, HSE, Security, IP and Ethics, and a healthy work environment

  • Continuous improvement process

    Encourage employees to proactively contribute to the continuous improvement process.

  • Value to the Customers

    Ensure we provide value to our customers through professional technical solutions and reliable service and deliveries.

Our commitment

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner, with respect for human rights. These ethical guidelines are not only about avoiding breaches of applicable laws and regulations, but provide the framework for what RESMAN considers responsible and good behavior with respect to business practice/activities and personal conduct.

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