• Gunnar Hviding

    Chairman of the Board

    <span>Gunnar Hviding</span>

    Former President and CEO of the previously listed Roxar ASA and the former CEO of listed Crudecorp ASA.

  • Jim Nixon

    Board Member

     <span>Jim Nixon</span>

    Mr. Nixon is Chairman and CEO of Nixon Energy Investments a company set up to advise and invest in medium sized Energy service businesses.

  • Thomas Mejdell

    Board Member

    <span>Thomas Mejdell</span>

    Mr. Mejdell joined NC Advisory, advisor to the Nordic Capital funds, in 2014. From 2011-2014 he worked with Morgan Stanley in London.

  • Olof Faxander

    Board Member

     <span>Olof Faxander</span>

    Joined NC Advisory, Advisor to the Nordic Capital funds, in January 2016. Olof is head of the Operational Team which provides operational support to portfolio companies.

  • Ragnhild Skjetne Hollup

    Board Member

    <span>Ragnhild Skjetne Hollup</span>

    Former VP Research & Development in RESMAN. Joined RESMAN in 2007 and worked as a research scientist, managing and developing the tracer system design field, BDM and manager of the chemistry and materials research team previous to taking the overall R&D responsibility.

  • Dimitry Bolotnik

    Board Member

    <span>Dimitry Bolotnik</span>

    Vice-President, Russia & CIS (from March 2018) at Petrotrace - a leading largest independent Russian consultancy company focused in geosciences and reservoir characterization modeling.

  • Hilde Hindbjørgmo

    Board Member

    <span>Hilde Hindbjørgmo</span>

    Mrs. Hindbjørgmo is a RESMAN employee representative on the board and holds the position Tracer System Engineer.

  • Artem Galimzyanov

    Board Member

    <span>Artem Galimzyanov</span>

    Artem is a RESMAN employee representative on the board and holds the position of Sr. Well Technology Engineer.